Our Values

Values of the Organization

WWoH’s core values are of pivotal significance as they define Wadeng Wings of Hope organizational culture. These values determine whether people work in an open and trusting environment where opinions are valued and are not tainted by suspicion and tension

WWoH has a set of five values aimed at clear expectations of personal interaction and setting boundaries beyond which behaviour becomes objectionable. Positive core values allow WWoH employees and volunteers to identify with the organization. They tell them where they stand in relation to the goals of the organization and empower them to ensure the credibility of WWoH as an organization in the eyes of beneficiaries/donors/partners.

WWoH staff is expected to abide by the following five values and these values should reflect in all aspects of their work and conduct. These simple, but extremely meaningful values are an integral part of our daily lives and an essential part of WWoH Evaluation System. New colleagues are expected to take it upon themselves to develop through detailed discussions with colleagues; a deeper and shared understanding of how these five values should be interpreted. We, at WWoH, respect and adhere to our following core values and expect the same from our new team members:

a) Value People:

Respect people we work with: Male and female colleagues, clients, partners and stakeholders. Listen to and value the ideas and opinions of others to provide and listen to constructive feedback. Work together as a team and respond to special needs of everyone we work with.

b) Value Integrity:

  • Build trust;
  • Follow open and transparent procedures
  • Work for the greater good of the organization and its stakeholders
  • Commit to confront and discuss difficult ideas openly
  • Adhere to the highest ethical values
  • Avoid conflict of interests situations
  • Zero tolerance for corruption

c) Value Relationships:

  • Commit to value diversity and difference
  • Commit to build relationships and partnerships based on mutual benefit
  • Commit to be aware of our impact on others
  • Commit to be ready to learn from others
  • Benchmark best practices

WWoH has a set of Guiding Principles in our humanitarian and development programs and these principles are aligned with those of many other humanitarian and development agencies, and include:

  • Commitment to partnerships and engagement with the local community wherever possible
  • Promote empowerment
  • Ensure accountability and promote responsibility
  • Resolution of problems through respectful dialogue, not violence
  • Enabling a resilient community
  • Address discrimination
  • Seek sustainable results


WWoH Mission Statement: To promote peace and stability in South Sudan by empowering impoverished and conflict-affected communities through provision of opportunities for all-inclusive and sustainable